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Wilfredo C. Padilla Jr.
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AJY40-1078 P
New maid
Recommend for:
Elderly Care
Filipino maid
168 (cm)
65 (kg)
2 Children
Children's Ages
age 2 & 6 yrs old
College/Degree (>=13 yrs)
1 (day/month)
English: (Good)

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Care of infants/children  
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Care of disabled  
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Maid Introduction

Wilfredo C. Padilla Jr.

(Certified Male Caregiver)


Wilfredo 40, married with 2 children, age 2 and 6 years old. His wife will look after his children, if he works in Singapore to support his family, especially his children’s education. He is from Dingle, Iloilo, Philippines.


He described himself as honest, hardworking and diligent.

Academic qualifications

He graduated in Bachelor in Agriculture, Major in Agricultural Education and possess an NCII certificate in caregiving.


2 years 4 months (2008-2010) as a caregiver in Israel.

Wilfredo looked after a 78 years old, male, half paralyse, bedridden patient. Cared for his wellness and welfare and transferred his patient from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.

6 months (Oct 2010 - April 2011) as a caregiver in Israel.

Wilfredo looked after a 85 years old male, with terminal prostate cancer until the patient pass-on.

2 years 1 month (2011-2013) as a caregiver in Israel.

Wilfredo looked after a 60 years old, half paralyse, bedridden patient and after a year, the patient undergone tracheostomy tube operation. He fed the patient via Nasogastric Tube (NGT) and suction the phlegm of the patient via the tracheostomy tube.

4 years 4 months (2014-2018) as a caregiver in Israel.

Wilfredo looked after a hemiplegic patient. Transferred the patient from bed to a motorize wheelchair and vice versa. Prepared and fed patient, ensure his wellness, welfare and security of the patient.

6 months (Jul 2018-present) as a house-parent in the Philippines.

Wilfredo worked in a local orphanage. He looks after 4 to 8 years old children and his daily routine involved bathing, fed the children, teach them on oral hygiene, clean and tidy the house, send the children to-and-fro from school and/or day-care.

As a caregiver, Wilfredo prevent bed sores by turning the patient, side-to-side every 2-4 hours, kept them dry, comfort and apply cooling powder. To better the patient welfare, Wilfredo advice family to purchase or change the bed type to improve ventilation. He does some household chores, such as cleaning and tidying the house, laundry and ironing work.


He cooks Filipino and Arabic dishes, such as Kabsa, keen to learn to cook Chinese and any other dishes for future employer.


He is willing to look after children, age 4 years old and above.

Elderly care

He is willing to look after elderly, mobile or immobile.


He is willing to look after pets.


He will follow the employer's instruction regarding handphone usage. However, he will contact his family using his own handphone after work hour.

Any other usage arrangement is between employer and helper, this will be stated in the Job Offer.


The helper is entitled to weekly off-day or at least 1 off-day per month and the other 3 working off-days, he will be compensated accordingly.

Any other off-day arrangement is between employer and helper, this will be stated in the Job Offer.

2 years contract

He is aware that he will enter a 2 years contract with his future employer.


In summary, Wilfredo is a very experience caregiver. His main focus is to ensure the wellness and welfare of his patient. He is aware to do housekeeping work, willing to look after children 4 years old and above, infants and pets.

Being a first timer in Singapore, it will not be easy for him to understand the employer's needs, but with enough time, proper guidance and understanding, he will be a good caregiver. We hope you can consider Wilfredo to meet your need.

Video Interview

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